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We are looking for gardener - KaposGreen

We offer jobs as a gardener. You can work for us on a main employment contract, agreement or trade. The activity is suitable for all those who enjoy working outdoors. Experience is not a requirement, but an advantage, we will teach you everything you need if necessary. In this position you can earn up to 35 000,- per month net.

Head gardener / Gardener

We are looking for head gardener - KaposGreen

Working as a head gardener requires knowledge of garden maintenance and implementation. The supervisor must be able to lead a team of people under him/her, and will be responsible for handing over the job in and out, where he/she is accountable for the work done by his/her team. In this position you will get 35,000,- and more per month net + company car. Pay and benefits are always determined individually according to the work commitment of each employee.

Garden designer, architect

We are looking for garden architect - KaposGreen

Your job will involve designing gardens and public green spaces in 2D and 3D software. The cooperation can be either on a main employment contract or on a trade license within the framework of cooperation on contracts. If you also enjoy working outdoors, you can also be involved in the implementation of commissions in the field. The financial remuneration will be determined according to experience and the type of cooperation.

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