Hedge cutting

Hedge and shrub pruning

Ostříháme a zarovnáme i vaše živé ploty nebo keře

Ptáte se, kdo ostříhá váš živý plot? Obraťte se na nás. Nabízíme stříhání živých plotů a keřů z různých dřevin – ročně nám jich projde pod rukama několik desítek kilometrů a máme na to tu nejlepší techniku na trhu. I proto se pouštíme také do stříhání živých plotů a keřů několik metrů vysokých.

We are also there for you when radical hedge cutting is required. A radical or rejuvenation cut is carried out when a hedge is starting to fall from the bottom. After such an intervention, the trees will start to grow nicely again in the spring. Radical pruning of hedges and shrubs will also help if you need to correct maintenance mistakes from previous years, when they have grown for several years without pruning or if individual trees are standing too close together. But not all rules apply to all tree species – so don’t hesitate to contact the professionals.

If a hedge is not already growing in your garden, we can help. Our service includes everything from consultation to plant delivery, planting and subsequent maintenance of your new hedge.

And what is the cost of hedge trimming? Again, this depends on many factors. We take into account their height and the area per m2, or also the number of pieces. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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