Fruit tree pruning

Fruit tree pruning

Předejeďte problémům s úrodou díky našim prořezům

Plodí vaše ovocné stromy málo nebo mají malé plody? Pak potřebují odborný prořez! Svěřte je do rukou našich odborníků, kteří jim budou věnovat maximální péči, a vaše stromy budou opět plné kvalitních plodů.

But we also prune fruit trees in other cases – if the branches break at the time of fruiting, don’t hesitate to contact us. This will prevent major damage to the tree. We will also remove so-called wolves – barren branches that do not add value to the tree and only weaken it. During the pruning of fruit trees and shrubs, we will assess their health and recommend appropriate treatments, including felling and replacement planting.

It is also important to choose the right time of year to prune fruit trees. The appropriate time is determined by the type of fruit tree and is usually done twice a year, in winter or pre-spring, then in summer before or after harvest. Winter/spring pruning is used to promote shoot growth, shape or rejuvenate the trees, while summer pruning is used to get rid of shoots and unnecessarily long branches. The correct timing and execution of pruning is crucial for a rich harvest.

The price of fruit tree pruning performed by our professionals ranges from 450,- without VAT / 1 hour. It depends on the number of trees to be treated, their specific condition and size. Please contact us with your inquiry, we will be happy to create a customized quote for you.